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orchard agrikem snail pellet spacer

The last two weeks brought us cold nights, frost and snow – what a blessing! These conditions have certainly had a positive impact on the orchards and vineyards.

The warm weather that preceded the cold snap had many farmers worried that the fruit trees and vines would not enter their rest phase. This, of course, would have meant that reserves meant for the new growing season would be depleted when they were most needed. Cold conditions are extremely important in triggering the rest phase and preserving as much reserves as possible and ensuring healthy trees and a good harvest.
orchard agrikem frost articleThe colder weather also means that our traditional enemies, such as snails, are inactive, which gives farmers and farm workers time to relax. Although the dams are slowly filling up, a dam such as Theewaterskloof needs enormous quantities of water to reach its full capacity. This is a source of worry – no matter how welcome the recent rains have been, a lot more is needed to fill Theewaterskloof Dam.

Farmers are absolutely dependent on water, and if there is not an adequate supply for irrigation purposes, they will be hamstrung. Despite all these worries, we simply have to stay positive and trust that things will work out well in the end.

I invite all farmers to contact me so that we can discuss your problems, and their solutions, before the next planting season. I also want to remind all farmers that my services to farmers and chemical representatives are free of charge. It’s not often that you get something for nothing – so please use this opportunity to do so.

Contact us on 071 485 2550 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together, we can solve your snail problem.

Dress up warmly and enjoy every moment of winter!

The Slugpro programme has helped us enormously in knowing exactly when to apply snail bait pellets. In the past, we just assumed that snails bred in spring. Now that we know exactly when