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Fruitways decided in 2017 to utilise Tubex (stem protectors) on one of their farms, namely Jakkalsrivier, where wind plays a big role in impeding the growth on the leaders of young trees.

Christiaan Cloete (Production manager), Gerhard Taute (Area manager) and Douw Vermeulen (Technical manager) started the trial in order to determine whether protection of the leader with Tubex would not assist in stimulating the growth of the trees by completely protecting the growing point from the elements (see photos below).

The whole idea was to create a microclimate within the Tubex which stimulates the buds and increases the length growth of the leader. The trial was a resounding success and the leaders of the trees grew as though there was no wind present.

This whole process will assist in getting the saplings at their maximum height within one growing season. We even anticipate the possibility of the trees bearing fruit earlier, which would be justified by the better development and increased volume of the tree.

This resourceful idea from the guys at Fruitways creates a new opportunity for farmers in windy or other areas to help utilise their saplings’ growth potential to the maximum. The growth achieved in one season is indicated in the photo where Gerhard Taute shows the difference in one of the trial trees.

christiaan cloete the man behind the idea of fruitways skytubesChristiaan Cloete – the man behind the idea of Fruitways’ Skytubes.

The results obtained from abovementioned trial are as follows:

  • Average tree height without Skytubes: 358mm.
  • Average tree height with Skytubes: 702mm.
  • With Skytubes an average of 344mm was gained.


First year trees – growth measured from 2 October 2017 – 19 March 2018
tubex skytubes trial results jakkalsrivier first year trees

Second year trees – growth measured from 2 October 2017 – 19 March 2018
tubex skytubes trial results jakkalsrivier second year trees

gerhard taute indicates the growth achieved with tubex skytubes within one seasonGerhard Taute indicates the growth achieved with Skytubes within one season.


Order all Tubex-related products for delivery by 15 August 2018 before the cut-off date of 15 June.

Products include:

  • Vinewrap
  • Vinewrap Peg-Thru
  • Fruitwrap
  • Skytubes
  • Bloc Solaire for Pecans

Should you be worried that you might forget, contact me at 071 485 2550 or send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will see to it that your order is processed in time.

During 2015 the Nadorcotts were badly affected by snails – the first time ever that we had this type of snail damage on Kruisrivier.

The other cultivars did not seem to attract as many s