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orchard agrikem snail pellet spacer

orchard agri chemicals

The last couple of weeks of November 2017 brought welcome rain. However, the rain also triggered slugs and snails to appear from where they were waiting out the drought. They appeared in vast numbers and caused a lot of damage especially in apple and pear orchards.

Everybody was very happy with the reduced numbers of snails the past few months, but this was as predicted by us a false sense of security. Slugs and snails are a lot tougher than we think and they were just waiting for the opportune moment to make their presence felt.

Slugs and snails appeared as from out of nowhere and feasted on young apples and pears. Many farmers had to act in haste to procure and spread snail bait pellets to stop the onslaught.
snail on fruit after rainIt was critically important to use rainproof snail pellets. The snail pellet must be able to handle rain as well as micro irrigation. To use a snail pellet with low rain tolerance would be a total waste of money. Our Prima range of snail pellets are rainproof and would afford the best protection given the specific circumstances.

Orchard Agri Chemicals therefore advised agrochemical advisors and growers to use the Prima option in our range of products. Where the advice was followed, the results were very positive, and a huge amount of damage avoided.

Slugs and snails as a pest must never be underestimated. It is important to follow a program such as SlugPro to ensure that you are not caught unawares. With the drought the season has been challenging enough, do not compound the problem by ignoring the effect of slugs and snails.

Contact us on 071 485 2550 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together, we can solve your snail problem.

The Slugpro system has made a huge difference to my snail control this year. Because I know exactly where to place the snail bait pellets, I’ve spent a lot less on snail bait pelle