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canolaGerminating canola seedlings are particularly at risk from slugs (Milax gagates, Deroceras panormitanum and Deroceras reticulatum) that are able to feed below the soil surface, either on the seed as it germinates, or as it grows towards the surface. Losses are very often also caused by isopods (Armadillidium vulgare) that also has the ability to feed below surface.

The carbaryl containing bait SLUGGEM® snail bait pellets should be used to address isopod problems. Once the growth points break through the soil surface, snails (Cornu aspersum or Helix aspersa, Theba pisana, Cochlicella Barbara) will also start feeding on the foliage. Once the seedlings have reached size where there is enough foliage to feed on without destroying the entire canola plant, the risk of further damage caused by slugs and snails reduces significantly.

The crucial protection period in canola is between sowing and the four true-leaf stage; later attack will be unlikely to cause significant crop damage. Use SLUGPRO to assess populations. Once the level of risk and required dosage is established, include recommended bait of either SLUGGEM®, SLUGGIT® or SLUGGER® snail bait pellets during seed drilling. A second dose of slug bait pellets a few days after the seedlings emerge would be additionally effective.

Continue to monitor the crop via SLUGPRO after applications and make follow up applications if necessary. Continue snail monitoring even if numbers are low, as numbers can increase rapidly over a short period.

An even distribution is important to ensure targeted species come into contact with pellets as soon as possible. Calibrate your equipment accurately. Cultural Control practices can help reduce your pellet requirement.

The Slugpro programme has helped us enormously in knowing exactly when to apply snail bait pellets. In the past, we just assumed that snails bred in spring. Now that we know exactly when